Punch, Flex, and Blocker Old Spice Commercials With Terry Crews
By: // April 4, 2010


The new Old Spice commercials with Terry Crews are hilarious. Punch, Flex, Blocker… Genius! Tim & Eric from the Awesome Show did a great job directing this new series of commercials and they definitely cast the perfect guy when they picked Terry Crews.

I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the Old Spice commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” The guy featured in those commercials is likeable, but for some reason I am always over the commercial when I see it. When I saw the first commercial with Terry Crews, I immediately took to Google to find out more information. Of course YouTube answered the call.

Old Spice | Punch
Punches stop people, Odor Blocker stops odor, and parachutes stop drag race cars. This commercial illustrates two of those three points.

Old Spice | Flex
Welcome to the wildly powerful world of Odor Blocker Body Wash. I hope you’re into explosions.

Old Spice | Blocker
This commercial clarifies exactly what it is that Odor Blocker Body Wash blocks.

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