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August 3, 2010 advice

What Does Her Hair Say About Her?

We all know that tattoo placement says a lot about a chick. But what does a girl’s hair say about her? If you’re a thinker, this subject has already crossed your mind. If you’re not, then welcome to a concept that could potentially save you a gang of trouble in the future. Check out our handy-dandy guide.

Celebrity Straight Hair = High Maintenance

This hair takes a lot of work. You think girls are born with this pin straight hair? NOPE. Very few are. It takes, blow dryers, flat irons, serums and a lot of time to make it that way.  This woman could take hours to get ready and it usually costs a lot of money to maintain.

PS – forget about jumping in a pool, she’s gonna’ want to protect that hair she worked so hard on.

Short Cropped Hair= Confident

It’s no surprise that a lot of women hide behind their hair, and would be mortified to have it super short. So, if a girl looks hot with her short hair, good. You know this is a girl with some healthy self-esteem. You won’t have any hair to grab onto in bed, BUT, healthy self-esteem means less drama and less drama is sexy!

Head O’ Curls = Easy Going

If she was born with that naturally curly stuff- (you’ll be able to tell because it will be a little frizzy and untamed), then she’s most likely an easy-going girl.

Pigtails = Run Away!

Pigtails are only for girls under the age of 13. If you’re at a bar or house party and a woman comes in rocking the Punky Brewster look, run! She either hasn’t grown out of her childhood in some way, or is trying to look like her ex-boyfriend’s bizarre, Hentai fantasy, and thinks that’s what all men want. Either way, it’s no bueno.

MANKIND Unplugged disclosure: Keep in mind, we’re not scientists, just chicks that know what we’re talking about.

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