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Dear Girlfriend: I’m Into My Girlfriend’s Sister!


Have you ever felt like you picked the wrong sister? Are you looking at your girlfriend’s sister with lust in your eyes? If so, we have a little expert advice for you courtesy of Men’s Life Today.

I think I’m into my girlfriend’s sister more than my girlfriend.
Men’s Life Today: Expert Q+A
By Dr. Belisa Vranich for Men’s Life Today

Q. – I think I’m into my girlfriend’s sister more than my girlfriend. A lot more. I mean, her sister is, like, perfect for me. How do I switch partners without causing World War III (if possible)?

A. – Get out of your relationship ASAP. Date other people and let at least six months go by.

Once your ex has a new serious guy, make sure that when you see them, you’re super-friendly — especially with him.

Now, back to the ex-girlfriend’s sister: Send the “interested” vibe out to her (running into her seemingly by coincidence, choreographing seating so you are next to her, etc.) but do not make any moves. If this is going to work without imploding, she has to ask you out — that way, you don’t look like a troublemaker.

Sounds like a lot of work? It is. My suggestion is to consider dating someone that just reminds you of her sister instead.


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