UNPLUGGED WEDNESDAYS – Flexible Girls, Plastic Men, Babes Eating Ice Cream, Sex Contraptions and More
By: // October 27, 2010


Flexible girls, worthless plastic men, babes eating ice cream, weird sex contraption, and other guy stuff from around the web.

What Her Shot Says About Her – COED Magazine

The Top 5 Worthless Plastic Army Men – Perez Solomon

Credo of a Confident Man – TSB Magazine

Study: Guys Who Shave Regularly Have Twice as Much Sex – The Bachelor Guy

5 Things a Girl Should Never Wear to Work – Leftos

Flexible Girls: Imagine The Possibilities – EgoTV

The Five Best Statues for Groping – Asylum

WTF – Really Weird Sex Contraption [VERY NSFW] – aBlog4Guys

20 Pictures of Babes Eating Ice Cream – Break.com

25 Terrible, Dirty Costumes for Dudes – Holly Taco

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