History Of Pin-Up Girls
By: // November 2, 2010


Super thin chicks need not apply. Hotness in the 1950’s meant meaty. The voluptuous woman was more desirable. And when we say voluptuous, we mean the real version- not just big tits or big ass, but wide hips, full thighs and cherub-like faces. It wasn’t unusual to see a few belly rolls either.

Bettie Paige

Bettie Page

ekberg anita photo xxl anita ekberg 62204802

Anita Ekberg

1950 3ed


The pin-up girls of this decade were still curvy, but more vampy.  There were less smiles than in the 50′s pin-up poses, and the “come hither” stare was in full force!

margaret nolan08

Margaret Nolan


Pamela Green

1960s june palmer

June Palmer


The girls of the 70′s started to get slimmer and slimmer. The feathered hair style and fit body of models like Farrah Fawcett set the standard for most desirable body and look of girls in the 1970′s.


comp f1 Farrah Fawcett



Cheryl Tiegs

1980’s Hotness

This time was all about the hot body, along with a spunky attitude and awesome hair. Pin-up girls started to go with the themed costumes.


Lonnie Anderson


The 90’s was the decade of the super model more than it was about pin-up girls, with heavy hitters such as Fredrique Van Der Wall, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Rachel Hunter and more. Emphasis was definitely on a slimmer woman and big boobs ruled.  If she was voluptuous anywhere, it would be her boobs, and her boobs ONLY.1990Rachel Hunter1

Rachel Hunter


Elle Macpherson



But when it came to actual pin-up girls in the 90′s Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith pretty much summed up the sexy body standard.

pamela anderson laying down

Pamela Anderson


Anna Nicole


The booty is star this decade. Starting with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, who could have single handedly made the posterior the most popular asset on the female body, we now see a trend towards pin-up photos that are more about the butt, than the boobs.



amber rose

Amber Rose

vida guerra ass


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    You tagged Elle McPherson as Rachel Hunter

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    @oz pinup names are UNDER their pics. smart-ass!

  • Jim

    Pin-up girls go much further back than the 1950′s though. Modern pin-up girls can be traced back to The Gibson Girl in the late 1800′s!

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