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February 5, 2011 sports

Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ – Super Bowl XLV

How about those New York J-E-T-S’? I know they aren’t even playing in the Super Bowl. I couldn’t resist thinking about the possibilities. With all the snow and crazy weather taken place in Dallas this week, it’s clear the football gods wanted the Jets to be there. Let’s face it, even if the Jet’s were not your team you secretly wished Rex Ryan was on the press podium just for the entertainment.

What we do have is a showdown between Green Bay and Pittsburg. Aside from Mike Tomlin being one of the youngest coaches to win two Super Bowls if the Steelers pull off a win and Aaron Rodgers possibly finally escaping Brett Favre’s shadow (will never happen), there aren’t that many compelling stories for Super Bowl XLV. This year’s Super Bowl is definitely a great match up of two defensive teams, but the reality is we all would much rather see Michael Vick or even the Jet’s play.

It’s been a long interested season. This was probably one of the most unpredictable in terms of wins and losses. Although I barely escaped the season with a winning record, I will admit this has to be my worst season in terms of picking winners and that says a lot as I have been actively betting on football since 1998 (the year I became a New York Jets fan).

Below is my 2011 NFL Super Bowl XLV prediction! Remember anything can happen on any given Sunday, Drink, and pick responsibly! Oh and on to the next sport (UFC, Basketball, etc) at least for now.

Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ – Conference Championships
Pick Em’ Results: 0-2

*Pick Em’ Results for the 2010 NFL Regular Season: 110-82 (WINNING RECORD)
Note: started week 5

So-called ESPN NFL Expert Conference Championships Pick Em’ Results and Super Bowl predictions.

About me: I am a producer, managing editor (, writer… aspiring professional bowler, creative, quirky, all around Jane of all trades and just a little offbeat. I am an avid football fan and I blame my obsession with sports gambling and picking parlays on an ex-boyfriend… funny thing is that’s all he was good for.


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