“Man of Steel” Unofficial Title Sequence [Video]

NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ With James Spader [Trailer]

May 9, 2013 Guy Stuff

Sexy Teachers, Iron Man, Kiss-Cam Rejection, Photoshopped Celebrities, Bromances, Co-Workers We Wish We Didn’t Have And More Guy Stuff

Sexy Teacher Guy Stuff Humor

Sexy teachers, Iron Man, kiss-cam rejection, photoshopped celebrities, bromances, co-workers we wish we didn’t have and more guy stuff unplugged from around the web.

60 Sexy Teachers to Appreciate – Gunaxin

The “Avengers” Cast Salary Chart – Everyone’s Getting Screwed Besides Iron Man – Moe Jackson

The Evolution of Iron Man Armor [Infographic] – The Roosevelts

7 of the best things stoners do – Guyism

This Is Why You Never Reject Your Woman On The ‘Kiss-Cam’ [VIDEO] – COED

10 Great Apps That Making Dining Out Easier – Complex

Why Women Prefer Musicians Over Sporty Guys – Ask Men

15 Co-Workers We All Wish We Didn’t Have – BuzzFeed

4 Things Celebrities Do That Make People Turn On Them – The Smoking Jacket

Bigger Is Better…And Funnier! | Celebrities Photoshopped as Real-Life Bobbleheads – Stupid Dope

This Is Your Brain On Internet: A Video Illustrating How The Web Is Altering Your Mind – UPROXX

10 of History’s Greatest Bromances – Mandatory


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