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Moreca Dubai Lunch Bag

June 17, 2014 Guy Stuff

Moreca Lunch Bag Dubai

Moreca Dubai Lunch Bag

A leather lunch bag is just what every guy needs, right? There is something to be said about a guy that carries a lunch bag, but a guy who carries a leather bag – genius. The guy carrying this bag automatically scores cool points with us. He’s clearly got moxie and not afraid to show off a bit of boyish charm.

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Moreca Lunch Bag Dubai – $120
Moreca Dubai Lunch Bag

This natural leather lunch bag comes in black with cyan fringe and is suitable for those who take a luxurious and stylish approach to the one hour lunch break.

Moreca Grocery Bag Dubai – $150
Moreca Grocery Bag Dubai

If you are a female reading this, you will be happy to know there is also a grocery bag. Take a trip to the market and pack this bad boy with some fresh fruit, herbs, wine, seafood, or a fresh baguette. How fitting that both bags are from Moreca’s “Dubai” collection. Luxury, rich, and stylish!


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