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February 15, 2010 unplugged tv, who's that girl?, WOMENkind

Who’s That Girl: Candace Rae

candace rae

Our first ever Who’s That Girl is the vivacious Candace Rae. Candace whose looks are a reflection of her French and Italian descent was born in Winnipeg, Canada and has lived in Toronoto, Bermuda, Malaysia, and Australia. Discovered by the website Savvy.com her modeling career launched after Savvy flew her to do a photo shoot for the site. Since then, Candace has been featured on AskMen.com as the model of the day, Playboy.com as Playboy’s Belle du Jour and on Maxim.com as Maxim’s hometown hottie. She now works as a full time model and is the COO and face of MissOnline.com. She was also named the spokes person for Lady Pink Energy Drink.

Not long ago, when asked to pose nude by Playboy, Candace said, “I respect women who do it, and see nothing wrong with it. But for me it is not an option at this time in my life. Since her statement, it looks like Candace may have reconsidered. what we do know is she is definitely working with Playboy… we will make sure to post ALLLL the details.

Oh and let’s not forget according to Askmen.com, Candace loves sex in elevators. You can see more of Candace at CandaceRae.net. You can also catch Candace on Twitter at Twitter.com/CandaceRae.

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