Friends That Sh*t On You…

Manly Cupcakes Cause Shrinkage

February 22, 2010 Guy Stuff Up For Sale, But Does Sex Still Sell?

After selling for $14 million four years ago to Escom, the brutal battle for the most coveted domain name continues., one of the most expensive domains on the internet and the subject of not one, but two books, is up for sale yet again. Embarking on a 16-year battle, for the first 2 years was owned by Gary Kremen the founder of the dating site until ownership was transferred to Stephen Cohen in what has been described as an elaborate scam. After a bitter 10 year court battle, Kremen eventually won back the rights to his domain and $65 million in damages. Escom recently defaulted on its debt forcing the sale of next month. Once the most valuable piece of virtual real-estate on the planet, for the first five years, had five million hits a day and generated $100 million a year.

Unplugg more on the story here.


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