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March 18, 2010 Gadgets

Microsoft High Definition “LifeCam” Webcams

If you are in the market for a new webcam, Microsoft released their new high-definition webcams, The LifeCam HD-5000, HD-5001 and HD-6000. These new webcams feature Microsoft’s TrueColor Technology which Microsoft says the LifeCam “provides superior color and brightness in even the worst lighting conditions” by analyzing the surroundings and using face detection technology developed by Microsoft Research, then adjusting the image quality to offer the best possible video rendering.

The LifeCam HD-5000 and HD-5001 have the same features but a slightly different design with both offering built-in auto focus. The LifeCam HD-6000 is designed to be used with your notebook or netbook. The HD-600 can capture video, includes built in auto focus, and a swivel design that lets you rotate the camera 360 degrees. The cameras retail for $49.95 to $59.95.


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