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March 23, 2010 Guy Stuff

“Mom, Don’t Pick Me Up From School DRUNK!”

drunkmomImagine you are in high school and your mom comes to pick you up. Now imagine your mom is drunk and school is still in session. What would you do? Would you say “Mom, don’t pick me up from school drunk”, call the police, or just flat out refuse to get in the car?

After one high school girl’s mom came to her school and asked the principal to get her daughter out of class, the school staff had to call the police. After realizing her mom was drunk, the girl refused to get into the car. Once the police arrived, an officer watched the woman try to park her car and then pulled her over to administer a sobriety test. Of course she was arrested. Not only did investigators search the car and find marijuana as well as the prescription drug Xanax, but the woman had been convicted of drunken driving four times. She also had a warrant out for her arrest and was driving with a suspended license.

Talk about a mother you should definitely be embarrassed by! I am not sure what is worst, trying to pick up your kid from school drunk or driving to jail drunk and demanding sex from an inmate. Yes, that really happened.

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