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March 30, 2010 Guy Stuff

Christina Aguilera Album Cover for “Bionic” Created by D*Face

Christina Aguilera released the art work for her new album cover “Bionic” which is set to drop in June. Many of the websites that report on “guy stuff” like and have commented on the artwork created by renown London-based street artist D*Face, whereas websites like Pop Crunch and Just Jared that mainly cover pop news fail to even acknowledge the creativity of the artwork. Regardless of your taste, I think it’s safe to say the artwork is interesting to say the least.

The creator behind the album cover is best known to the masses for creating two creepy life sized giant zombie Oscar award statues with exposed flesh and engraved with the statement “Beauty is just a slice away” as sort of a statement to the current entertainment business. Similar to the Oscar statues there is also a deeper meaning behind Christina Aguilera’s album cover. D*Face’s name and logo along with other important names of people in Aguilera’s life like her Mom, husband, and son all appear within the artwork.


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