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March 30, 2010 Grooming

NIVEA For MEN Revitalizing Q10 Eye Roller Gel

As I was suffering the web, I came across NIVEA’s new eye gel, “NIVEA For MEN Revitalizing Q10 Eye Roller” which was developed based on the popularity of the NIVEA For MEN Q10 family of products. According to NIVEA, the new eye gel is specifically a men’s eye care product engineered to minimize the look of fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles as well as puffiness underneath the eyes. The Revitalizing Q10 Eye Roller allows men to look like they have had a full night’s sleep and are ready for the day ahead by reducing the tell-tale signs of aging that often result from marathon work sessions or late nights out with friends.

Many times eye creams and other facial products are traditionally thought of as things women use; however, there are allot of men who also use “products.” It doesn’t mean that they are metrosexual either. More often these guys just like to preserve their sexy.

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