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May 5, 2010 Guy Stuff

UNPLUGGED WEDNESDAYS – Tequila, Relationship Advice, and Being Dumb Enough To Give Her Orgasms



How to: Drink Tequila Like a Champ – The Campus Throne

Relationship Advice: Men’s vs. Women’s Magazines [CHART] – Cracked

Worst TV Bosses – The Top 13

Put Some Spice In Your Sex Life! – The Campus Socialite

Cinco de Mayo History: Is It Mexican Independence Day? – Manolith

3 Stupid Mistakes Most Men Make in Bed – You Better be Aware of These Before It’s Too Late – aBlog4Guys

Are You Dumb Enough To Give Her Orgasms – TSB Magazine

Stop Getting Lost Inside Your Head – The Urban Dater


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