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May 17, 2010 Guy Stuff

Man Dies In His Home After Being Overcome By Heat From Cannabis Farm

cannabis farm

Powerful lights set up in three foil-lined tents claimed the life of an English man who was cultivating marijuana aka the sticky icky in his home. After tempatures soared well over 100 degrees, the man died in his sleep. He was discovered 3 days later after his friends broke down the door. I wonder if his family can sue the makers of the halogen lamps that the police found when they walked in and almost fainted from the heat.

I like how the article headline referred to him as a “Druggie.” The article goes on to say “The inquest in Bradford heard that Holmes was a drug user, although no drugs were found in his system.” If he was growing marijuana, it is safe to assume he was probably sharing… as in distributing and selling. Note to all would-be cannabis home growers… check your heat settings before going to bed.

Unplugged via The Sun


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