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July 29, 2010 Guy Stuff

When You Need A Sexual Performance Boost Try Beer Laced With Cheese


Can beer and cheese affect your sex life?

According to Austrian brewers they have invented a beer laced with cheese that aids in sexual performance. Made with two thirds of low-alcohol brew and one third whey from cheese, Wälder Senn brew promises a ‘positive and healthy’ response even after a night of heavy drinking.

“If that’s the way it leaves you then my wife can’t have any objection to me spending the night down the pub,” said one guy who has tasted the brew at the launch in Bregenz.

“Our aim was to get rid of the cheesy taste of the whey while keeping its nutrients and positive ingredients – the lactose and the vitamins which help keep men healthy” said Chief brewer Heinrich Hommel.

Other comments about the brew include:

“It tastes pretty alright.” – Fabienne Gorfer

“It’s pretty creamy, isn’t it (while laughing)? “Like cappuccino!” – Masuf Safare

“Cheese hardens more than just arteries, baby!” – random guy

Chief brewer Hinrich Hommel commented that Wälder Senn was the result of three years of experiments. I am curious to find out more about these “experiments” and for any women reading this, the moral of this post is feed your guy cheese and beer if you are looking for a night of sexual blitz.


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