Sexually Charged Sprite Commercial [VIDEO NSFW]

Gucci Horsebit Moccasins

October 27, 2010 Guy Stuff

UNPLUGGED WEDNESDAYS – Flexible Girls, Plastic Men, Babes Eating Ice Cream, Sex Contraptions and More


Flexible girls, worthless plastic men, babes eating ice cream, weird sex contraption, and other guy stuff from around the web.

What Her Shot Says About Her – COED Magazine

The Top 5 Worthless Plastic Army Men – Perez Solomon

Credo of a Confident Man – TSB Magazine

Study: Guys Who Shave Regularly Have Twice as Much Sex – The Bachelor Guy

5 Things a Girl Should Never Wear to Work – Leftos

Flexible Girls: Imagine The Possibilities – EgoTV

The Five Best Statues for Groping – Asylum

WTF – Really Weird Sex Contraption [VERY NSFW] – aBlog4Guys

20 Pictures of Babes Eating Ice Cream –

25 Terrible, Dirty Costumes for Dudes – Holly Taco


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