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December 15, 2010 Guy Stuff

Stupid Videos, Disney Starlets, Football Jesus, Beer, and Life Lessons Unplugged


An Interview with a former Heisman trophy winner, once squeaky clean Disney starlets, gravity defying beer, life lessons learned from teen movies and other guy stuff unplugged from around the web.

Congrats GuysWet Bandits

Merry Cliffmas and Happy Halleedays!Perez Solomon

Interview with Former Heisman Winner and Super Bowl MVP Jim PlunkettManjr

So Much for Squeaky Clean Disney StarletsThe Campus Socialite

Finally. Some Benefit to Watching All Those Stupid Videos – The Bachelor Guy

Gravity Defying Beer – aBlog4Guys

5 Horrible Life Lessons Learned from Teen MoviesCracked

Fantasy Football Jesus – Week 14 RecapGunaxin

The Lazy StalkerThe Urban Dater


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