Charlie Sheen is Winning [Infographic and Mashup]


No Discounts For Seniors?


March 4, 2011 Guy Stuff

Tattoos, Kim Kardashian Jams, Japanese Girls, Liars, Cheats, Con Artists, Charlie Sheen And Other Guy Stuff Unplugged

Tattoos, Japanese girls, con artists, Charlie Sheen, and other guy stuff from around the web.

What You Can Learn From Her Tattoo – Made Man

The 10 Worst People in the World – MAN Jr.

“Closing the Deal” with Women – TSB Magazine

Charlie’s Angels: The Ladies of Sheen (Gallery) – The Campus Socialite

The Player: Creating Sexual Chemistry – Ask Men

How to Spot Liars, Cheats and Con Artists – The Bachelor Guy

Creepiest Interspecies Hookups – Maxim

104 Beautiful Japanese Girls Celebrate Hinamatsuri [PHOTOS] – COED Magazine


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