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July 25, 2011 style

The Walart Wallet Collection

Walart Wallet

What’s in your wallet? Better yet, what type of wallet are you carrying these days? Are you still carrying a wallet that states you never want to grow up or are you a bit more sophisticated and have upgraded to say a Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, or even Hermès wallet? If you are still deciding whether a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet is for you or just looking for a flashy conversation piece, a Walart wallet may be for you.

Walart WalletWalart Wallet

Constructed from a single piece of environ-friendly paper, resistant to mother nature and the dullness of everyday society, The Walart Collection consists of art/design from around the world. The super thin stitchless designed wallets adjusts with use, to fit exactly what you carry. Retail $15.

  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet
  • Walart Wallet

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