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September 15, 2011 Guy Stuff

World’s Longest Female Tongue (Photo)


Is it better to be a man with a long tongue or a female with the longest tongue in the world? If you are a man reading this, we bet we already no your answer.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Chanel Tapper, a student from California, has the world’s longest tongue measuring 3.8 in from tip to top lip. Interesting enough, her lizard-like tongue is twice as long as any average human. To put it in perspective, her tongue is so long it is around the same length as an iPhone.

When asked about her record-breaking tongue, she had the following to say:


When did you first realize that your tongue was longer than average? What happened?
I was eight and my mom and I were taking pictures for Halloween.

In one of the pictures we stuck our tongues out. I noticed I had a long tongue when the pictures from Halloween were printed and I saw it…but I guess it became apparent in middle school when people started commenting on it.
Why I stuck my tongue out at people, I don’t know… I’m goofy! But there are still some people from back then that only remember me because of my tongue!

What reaction do you get from people when they see it?
For most people it’s a jaw-dropping experience. It’s like they don’t believe what they see and nie out of ten times, they’ll ask me to do it again.

Some girls/women have screamed/jumped back. If there are other people around, the person who saw my tongue will tell the nearest next to them.

I’ll often get asked questions like, “can you touch your nose or elbow?” and, “do you choke people when you kiss them?”

But always, everyone in one way or another is entertained by seeing it.

Does it affect your relationships in any way? Do you currently have a boyfriend and if so, what does he think?
It does. Most guys that know or already see it automatically have their mind in the gutter, and so do some females. I don’t have a boyfriend, but the last guy I dated didn’t make it that big of a deal, and I really liked him for that.


For more on Chanel Tapper’s life with the longest tongue in the world and to read all about other Guinness World Records from the 2012 book edition check out


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