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September 19, 2011 Guy Stuff

P*ssy Natural Energy Drink

Pussy Energy Drink

I didn’t make this up. There really is an energy drink called “Pussy.”

Made for people looking for a natural alternative, Pussy is a 100% natural premium energy drink with no nasty chemicals and nothing manufactured. No doubt the brainchild of a man, Founder Jonnie Shearer launched Pussy from his bedroom at 21 years of age back in 2004. Named with confidence, the intent of “Pussy Energy Drink” is to be shocking and demand attention.

Pussy Energy Drink

According to their official website, Pussy Natural Energy Drink has “values” and “personality.”


Pussy is spontaneous, entertaining, optimistic and fun. It’s a starting point. A moment when something happens and when things begin – Pussy starts conversations. It believes in having a good time as often as possible.


Pussy is the first truly premium energy drink. We have sourced the best ingredients to create a great taste and a natural lift.

We believe in challenging the consensus – and moving things forward. Pussy is about natural energy, it’s irreverent, sophisticated and a pleasure to drink. Pussy is NOT about being serious, chemical energy, having a corporate attitude or being predictable.

Pussy Energy Drink

Not sure if Pussy will make it stateside (sold in Europe only); however, if you ever get your hands on some by all means, drink some Pussy. We encourage you to do so.


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