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Amber Rose Talks Life, What Turns Her Off, Misconceptions, and Not Doing Drugs [Interview]

Amber Rose Smirnoff Master of the Mix

Tam-Star: Let’s talk about the Masters of the Mix competition. When they told me you were involved I was like okay, Amber Rose, DJs, like how does that work? Can you tell me a about your involvement and how it all came about?

Amber: One of the main things that I do for a living is to travel the world and go to super ill parties. I’m always around music, I’m always at the dopest parties, and I also grew up in Philly, which is a very musical city. I’ve been into music ever since I was a little kid.

With Masters of the Mix, I’m on the judges panel with Kid Capri and Vikter Duplaix. As a judge, I solely base my opinion on the party aspect of it. I’m not judging them on the technical part of it, like scratching and mixing and stuff like that. I look at the people to see if they’re dancing, if they’re having a good time. If the DJ spins a record that makes everyone leave the dance floor, that’s when I step in like what happened? So I’m only judging them on that. I definitely know if they make the party die out, or if they killed it.

Tam-Star: Who would you consider the sexiest or the hottest DJ in the game right now? It can be a man or a woman.

Amber: Yeah, I know, I’m not really into the sexiness. I’m more into how they make me feel, and what they play and how they mix, and how they keep the party going.

Tam-Star: So who’s the best DJ to make you feel like that?

Amber: Well, there’s so many up and coming DJs, so many DJs in the world. I’ve been around the world, so there’s just too many to count.

Tam-Star: Obviously you have an undeniable presence about yourself. What advice would you give a man who wants to stand out?

Amber: I would say don’t stick to what’s trendy, just be yourself. When I came out with my baldhead that wasn’t cool. I went against all my friends and my friends were like Amber, are you serious, are you seriously gonna’ shave your head? I’m like “Yes, I’m gonna’ do it.” And they laughed at me. ‘

My bald head is one of the main reasons why I have my career and my life now, because I stood out from the crowd. So, just stand out from the crowd. Don’t feel like you need to be in with everything every other guy is wearing because then you blend, you look like every other guy, you don’t stand out in a crowd and you’re not gonna’ get the attention that you want.

Tam-Star: Would you change anything about your image as it is today?

Amber: You know what, I wouldn’t for the simple fact that I’m very spiritual. I’m not a religious freak or anything like that, but I pray and I feel like God does everything for a reason. This is my path in life and I have to go through trials and tribulations, and ridicule, and good times and bad times, heartbreaks and love…and it’s just all in God’s plan for my life.

Tam-Star: Are you affected by the negative comments on gossip websites like, Sandra Rose, and TheYBF? Do you even read those blogs?

Amber: Well, I used to because when you first become a celebrity you’re gonna’ look yourself up, like oh, my God, what are they saying about me today? And then you realize that it’s all a bunch of bullshit and a bunch of lies. You can’t let it affect your life. There were certain occasions where something ended up on the internet and it really did affect me, but for the most part, like 98% of the time I really just don’t care. I feel like I was built for this life because a lot of people couldn’t deal with constantly having rumors about them. It’s like high school, it’s ridiculous, but you gotta’ keep it moving and just keep working hard.

Tam-Star: Let’s talk about sports. Would you rather go on a date with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade or Amar’e Stoudemire?

Amber: I’d rather go on a date with Wiz Khalifa.

Tam-Star: I figured you were going to say that, but I said I’d ask anyway. Who do you think is the fiercest out of Beyonce or Rihanna?

Amber: Me.

Tam-Star: What would we be surprised to know about Amber Rose?

Amber: I don’t do drugs at all. I never did a drug in my life.

Tam-Star: I’m sure people have that misconception of you, especially because of who you keep company with. That’s pretty impressive.

Amber: Obviously Wiz is a total hippie and he smokes joints and he’s all about peace and love. He’s my baby, but I do not smoke weed. I’ve never smoked weed in my life. Never popped a pill, never tried coke, never done a drug ever in my life and I never will.

Tam-Star: I commend you for that.

Amber: Thank you.


Smirnoff’s “Master of the Mix” airs Saturdays at midnight on BET. Make sure to check out Tam-Star’s interview with Kid Capri and the first episode of Master of the Mix Season 2. For more information on Amber Rose visit her official website and follow her on Twitter @DaRealAmberRose.

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