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December 14, 2011 Guy Stuff

Boners, Stupid Viral Fads, 21 Drinks, Homophobes, Drew Brees, Model Edita Vilkeviciute And More Guy Stuff

Model Edita Vilkeviciute

Boners, stupid viral fads, 21 drinks, homophobes, video game bosses, Drew Brees, model Edita Vilkeviciute and more guy stuff unplugged.

The Six Landmark Boners in a Man’s Life – The Smoking Jacket

Top 10 Stupid Viral Fads of 2011 – The Campus Socialite

Morning Pick-Me-Up: Edita Vilkeviciute Wants Your Attention! – Moe Jackson

The 50 Hardest Video Game Bosses (And How To Beat Them) – Complex Magazine

VIDEO: Guys’ attempt at synchronized pool entry fails miserably – Guyism

Hollywood Holidays: Celebs in Christmas Gear – Gunaxin

21 Drinks Every Man Should Drink In His 21st Year – Made Man

Top 10 Biggest Homophobes of 2011 – Ranker

Here’s Drew Brees’ Creepy Sesame Street Segment [Video] – Busted Coverage


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