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January 5, 2012 Guy Stuff

Box Office Flops, Spank Bank, A Drunk Kid, Dildos, Flirting, Maury Povich And More Guy Stuff Unplugged

Maury Povich Guy Stuff Unplugged


Box office flops, spank bank, 3D fads, a drunk kid, the mile high club, dildos, flirting, Maury Povich, and more guy stuff unplugged.

Biggest Box Office Flops of 2011 – Moe Jackson

Is 3D a Fad or the Future? – The Smoking Jacket

Spank Bank: Carol Seleme – Gorilla Mask

Forgotten Flakes: Sugary Cereals From the Past – Gunaxin

“Gotham City Impostors” Combines Arkham City with Call of Duty – The Campus Socialite

VIDEO: Drunk kid does what drunk kids do – Guyism

4 Tips That Can Help You Join The Mile High Club – Made Man

Someone Tossed a Dildo Onto the Ice at the Montreal Canadiens Game – Bro Bible

The Guy’s Guide To Cuddling, Spooning, and Hugging [HE SAID SHE SAID] – COED Magazine

The Player: The Science Of Flirting – Ask Men

31 Unbelievable Maury Povich Screencaps – Screen Junkies


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