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Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ – Divisional Playoffs

January 7, 2012 sports

Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ – Wild Card Weekend



The playoffs are here! The regular season was entertaining to say the least. There was so much that took place on and off the field it’s almost impossible to recap. TO did not play, Sih wrecked a car while on suspension for kicking another NFL player, Indy almost went win less this season, the Dallas Cowboys lost their place as America’s team (my opinion), Dan Marino’s throwing record was broken twice, Albert Haynesworth was released, Donovan McNabb asked to be released, Cam Newton showed out, Chad Ochocinco only caught one touchdown pass, the Jets put their foot in their mouths, and we all learned a new word, “Tebowing.” These were just a few of the “Hollywood-like” stories we endured the last 17 weeks.

Ndamukong Suh Car Crash Photo

Some of the madness that took place during the NFL regular season seemed to be straight out of ESPN’s now defunct show Playmakers (that was a GREAT show). A few of my favorite stories included:

New York vs. New YorkNew York Post Battle Of New York Giants Jets

– Skip Bayless debating Tim Tebow with Stephen A. Smith and Chris Carter

– Skip Bayless debating Tim Tebow with Stepen A. Smith and Rapper Joe Budden

Ndamukong Suh Car Crash

– “Tebowing” officially a word

Raiders fan in Dubai

– Adrian Peterson’s gruesome knee injury video

NFL Playoff Picture Facts

Fans fight at Oakland Raiders game


With the regular season behind us it’s time to move on to the postseason. The Detroit Lions have finally made it to the playoffs after a 12 year hiatus. The question remains whether or not they can beat New Orleans in their wild card match-up. I am definitely going against the grain, but I think they can. I am also going out on a limb and taking the Broncos over the Steelers. Yes, I know it’s a fools bet, but hey why not root for the underdog.

Below are my picks for the 2012 NFL Wild Card playoffs. Remember anything can happen on any given Sunday, so drink, and pick responsibly!

NFL Playoffs Picture Wild Card Match Up 2011 2012

Saturday, January 7th
Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans

Detroit Lions
New Orleans Saints

Sunday, January 8th
Atlanta Falcons
New York Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos


Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’Week 17
Pick Em’ Results: 12-4

*Pick Em’ Results for the 2011 NFL Regular Season: 146-81 (WINNING RECORD)
(note: DNP Week 8 and 11)

So-called ESPN NFL Experts Pick Em’ Results for Week 17.


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