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April 11, 2012 Guy Stuff

Hulk Hogan’s Embarrassing Moments, Action Stars, Bond Girls, Nicolas Cage, And More Guy Stuff Unplugged

Hulk Hogan Funny Photo

Bone Pugz N Harmony, Hulk Hogan’s embarrassing moments, action stars, Bond girls, fictional characters, Nicolas Cage, and more guy stuff unplugged from around the web.

I hate my job (34 Photos) – The Chive

Bone Pugz N Harmony – Heavy

The Five Most Embarrassing Moments in Hulk Hogan’s Career – Gunaxin

L.A.: Paula Patton Promotes Pepsi NEXT at The Grove – Moe Jackson

15 Amazing Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage – Ranker

This is How You Lose on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ – Bro Bible

9 supposed action stars who clearly couldn’t fight – Coed Magazine

4 Beloved Fictional Characters Who Slaughter Their Own Kind – Cracked

Bond Girl Gallery: 007 Has Crushed A Lot Of Ass – Screen Junkies

20 Greatest NSFW Ozzie Guillen Is A Jerkoff Tweets – Busted Coverage

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