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April 25, 2012 Guy Stuff

Tim Tebow’s Virginity, Hiding Erections, Lucy Pinder 2.0, Drinking Hand Sanitizer, Gary Busey, Redneck Engineering, And More Guy Stuff

Lucy Pinder Tim Tebow Guy Stuff

Tim Tebow’s virginity, hiding erections, Lucy Pinder 2.0, video game glitches, drinking hand sanitizer, Gary Busey, crazy girlfriends, redneck engineering, and more guy stuff from around the web.

Lucy Pinder 2.0: Creative Director, Werewolf, Stripper – The Smoking Jacket

The 50 Wost Video Game Glitches – Complex

7 Ways To Hide An Erection From Wandering Eyes – Made Man

London: Irina Shayk Launches Intimissimi’s New Book “The Perfect Bra” – Moe Jackson

Getting Sexual: A Man’s Approach to Dating – TSB Magazine

14 Things You Need To Know About Drinking Hand Sanitizer – Buzz Feed

There Is A $1 Million Bounty On Tim Tebow’s Virginity – Sports Grid

10 Signs Your Girlfriend is “Crazy” – Shave

The 100 worst names for kids – Maxim

The 13 Craziest Things Gary Busey Has Ever Done – Ranker

The 20 Awesomest Examples of Redneck Engineering – Heavy


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