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June 21, 2012 sports

The Ring Maker: LeBron James NBA Championship Nike Commercial

LeBron James Nike Commercial NBA Championship

We can’t say much about the NBA Championship Finals partly due to the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t show up to play in game 5; however, we can say a lot about the Nike commercial that aired after KING JAMES was finally crowned THE KING! Nike marketing always seems to get it right and their latest commercial, The Ring Maker featuring highlights of a young and mature LeBron hits the mark.

LeBron James Nike Commercial NBA Championship 2

The premise of the commercial is to highlight how far back LeBron and the ring maker go. In the commercial Nike goes way back to the days of Akron afros and high school dunks. While LeBron sliced through the paint, the ring maker carved through wax. Together, their journey has proven that even those destined for greatness have to earn it.

What Nike has shown and what LeBron has proved is GREATNESS prevails. What we heard from the commercial was even great with a classic cut from the late Marvin Gaye. We will still ThunderUp for Kevin Durant, but for now we will let LeBron shine and “Just do it!



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