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September 9, 2012 celebrity WOMENkind

Rihanna’s New “Goddess Isis” Tattoo

Rihanna Tattoo Goddess Isis

Rihanna has a new tattoo and this time it’s got wings. No stranger to some rather thought-provoking tattoos in some extremely interesting places, Rihanna’s newest tattoo appears to be some type of goddess with wings. In her own words the tattoo represents “Goddess Isis- Complete Woman – Model for future generations.” In her tweet showcasing her newest ink, she mentions her beloved GRAN GRAN DOLLY who recently passed away and she states “always in and on my heart #1love.” Fellas, what are your thoughts about her tat?

Rihanna Goddess Isis Tattoo

Unplugged via @Rihanna


4 Responses to Rihanna’s New “Goddess Isis” Tattoo

  1. Lisabrown says:

    I am a Rihanna stan, but she needs to stop copying people. This underground artist by the name of Elle Fenty already has a tattoo like this and a song called Queen Isis, and i bet if more people start to catch on to who Elle Fenty is they would want to say “O she’s copying Rihanna”, but it is the other way around.

  2. Fhmpcp says:

     Rihanna’s been known to copy other people style.  Early on in her career their were MANY similarities between her and Fefe Dobson.  Rihanna copied some of her tattoos as well.

  3. Shanz Jallim says:

    I know its something to do with her illuminati life but 
    I love this tattoo its soooooo cute and cool.But 2013 is approaching soon
    Hmmm…. # Enough Said  

  4. Criticxtreme says:

    Rihanna has the greek (or white) version of what was ripped off from the Ancient Black Africans of Kemet. Just like the Greeks came in to Kemet and destroyed everything. They also took a lot of the black creations and made them white. This Isis tattoo that Rihanna has is one they changed to a white version as you can see. In Kemet with no white people (heaven), The Greeks took over. They also changed the name from Kemet to Egypt. The real name of “Isis” is Auset. You and Rihanna need to know the truth! 

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