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December 18, 2012 Guy Stuff

Empire Bacon Mayonnaise

Empire Bacon Mayonnaise

Bacon, bacon, and more bacon. For the love of bacon! I often wonder if the powers to be (MAN) will ever run out of bacon ideas. Until they do, let’s talk about their latest creation, bacon mayonnaise.

According to Empire Mayonnaise Co., Bacon Mayonnaise “was a no-brainer.” They took extra care to find a bacon that delivered the right balance of sweetness and smokiness, so you men could spread it on egg sandwiches, burgers, salads, and baked potatoes. As a non bacon and egg lover, double yuck.

For those that are salivating at the mouth right now, Bacon Mayonnaise is made up of non-GMO canola oil, pasteurized local egg yolks, Heritage Smoked Bacon, vinegar, and salt. Retail $9

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