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February 4, 2013 Guy Stuff

12 Super Bowl Commercials Worth Remembering and Forgetting

The Super Bowl or should we say the “Brand Bowl” is over. As advertisers and the powers to be analyze the public’s reaction to commercials that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl, we decided to give our take on the best and worst. For better or worse some were forgettable and others memorable, but ultimately the fact remains the people (especially Twitterverse) have spoken? Did these advertisers spend their money wisely? What do you think?

2 Broke Girls Super Bowl Commercial

2 broke girls turned strippers was genius, but was it funny? Was it sexy? The verdict is still out, but it definitely was memorable.

PSY Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin Super Bowl Commercial

Let’s retire this song, please! The commercial was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. The phrase ‘a day late and a dollar short’ comes to mind. This song is OVER, let it rest.

Bud Light Journey Super Bowl Commercial Stevie Wonder and Bud Light “Lucky Chair” Super Bowl Commercial with Stevie Wonder and Zoe Saldana

This was a good look for Stevie Wonder (no pun intended). The commercial was a great tie-in with New Orleans voodoo myths and Stevie’s song “Superstitious.” Some would argue, Bud Light’s second commercial with Zoe Saldana was more memorable.

Milk Mustache Super Bowl Commercial

We liked this commercial, but we were left wondering if it appropriate for the Super Bowl? Right now, The Rock is back on some action stuff, and we didn’t appreciate seeing the softer side of him especially after the Fast and Furious 6 commercial.

Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl Commercial

It was fast, furious, and action packed.

Doritos® – Fashionista Daddy — Crash the Super Bowl

We were not fond of this commercial. Cross-dressing during such a MANly game as the Super Bowl should be a crime!

Calvin Klein Concept Super Bowl Commercial

This commercial was definitely made for WOMENkind. Like with the Doritos® spot, we just didn’t think the Super Bowl was the best platform for this type of commercial.

Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy.

By far this commercial was one of our favorites. We were confused about the message of this commercial. Was it an advertisement for Jamaica tourism or something else? We still aren’t clear about the Jamaican accent tie-in with Volkswagen, but it was memorable.

Coke Chase 2013 Ad

Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome? Cowboys and Indians? We just didn’t understand where this commercial was going especially with the Las Vegas show girls. The great thing is the commercial had a call to action at the end, but it was lost with the confusion of trying to figure out what you just saw.

Beck’s Sapphire | 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

The singing fish was corny, but the commercial was a hit just because they dug into the 90’s and pulled out a classic hit by Teddy Riley and BLACKstreet. No diggity, no doubt!

OREO – Whisper Fight

Do people still go to the library? Better yet, do people who are watching the Super Bowl go to the library? Yes, the commercial was about Oreo, but the tie-in and all the whispering, was a whisper in terms of impact.

Samsung Mobile USA – The Next Big Thing

The best. Samsung did a wonder job across the board. Great cast of actors and well scripted.

Go Daddy – Perfect Match

Honorable mention:
We just didn’t know what to think about this commercial, so we decided to give it an honorable mention. The only word that comes to mind is “YUCK.” We aren’t sure how to feel about it. Do you believe it was worth remembering and forgetting?


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