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4th Of July Guy Stuff

July 4, 2013 Guy Stuff

American Things, Stars, Stripes, Redheads, Great Beers, Patriotic Animals, Fireworks Fails, and More 4th of July Stuff

4th Of July Guy Stuff

American things, stars, stripes, redheads, great beers, patriotic animals, fireworks fails, and more 4th of July stuff unplugged.

Redheads, white and blue (64 Photos) – The Chive

The 50 Most American Things That Have Ever Happened – Ranker

Sexy Stars and Stripes Forever – Gunaxin

Made in America: 76 Born & Bred Beauties – The Roosevelts

5 Great Beers For Independence Day – Made Man

America Runs on Natasha Kizmet – The Smoking Jacket

God Bless America – Guyism

Animals that Are More Patriotic Than You – Bro My God

The 5 Strangest At-Home Fireworks – Guy Code

Top 5 Fourth Of July Fails – BroBible

The Top 10 Fireworks Fails Ever [VIDEO] – COED Magazine

Want to declare independence…from your marriage? Dating website offers free divorces on July 4th – Daily Mail

25 Epic ‘Only in America’ Foods – Mandatory


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