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Guy Stuff Alana Blanchard

August 21, 2013 offbeat

Liquid Lapdances, Weed Infused Nutella, Sports Bromances, Fanatical Fans, A-Rod, Superheroe Bobbleheads, And More Guy Stuff

Guy Stuff Alana Blanchard

A-Rod, liquid lapdances, weed infused Nutella, passing out in public, bromances in sports, fanatical fans, superheroe bobbleheads, and more guy stuff unplugged from around the web.

Is ‘Liquid Lapdance’ The Strip Club Underwear Of The Future? – Guy Code Blog

A Very Leggy Miley Cyrus Hits Up A Recording Studio in Burbank – Moe Jackson

A-Rod overcomes demons old and new – Straight Pinkie

The Sexiest Skateboarding Video You’ve Ever Seen – Guys Gab

Would Mister Cartoon Do Color Tattoo? How Many Pics Has Estevan Oriol Taken? – Baller Status

Girl Obsession: Alana Blanchard – Joe’s Daily

Weed Infused Nutella Is Totally Real – Thrillist

Scary Truck Crash Makes For The Most Incredible Vine Ever Captured [VIDEO] – COED Magazine

19 Influential People Before and After They Became Famous – The Roosevelts ‏

A Tribute to Passing Out in Public – Gunaxin

The 12 Biggest Bromances in Sports Right Now – Bleacher Report

The 10 Worst Wives in TV History – Daily Man 40

Sports Teams With The Most Fanatical Fans – Ranker

The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today – Heavy

The 50 Best College Movies Ever – Bro Bible

Superheroes Are Now Bobbleheads – Bro My Gawd


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