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September 14, 2013 sports

Tam-Star’s NFL Week 2 Pick Em’

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The first week of football was pretty awesome. Best of all there was just a small amount of Tebow talk. Unfortunately, there was way too much Sanchez talk, but at least my team (The J-E-T-S) won without him and his headband. I was probably the only person in America that believed the Jets would take the W, but someone had to.

It was great to see Peyton Manning come out with guns blazing and the gunslinger known as Kaepernick start off the season with a win. What was disappointing was RGIII. The game between the Redskins and the Eagles lived up to the hype, but RGIII clearly was a bit rusty.

All the rest of the week 1 match-ups went as expected. With the start of week 2, the real excitement begins.

Below are my straight picks for week 2. Drink and pick responsibly!

New York Jets 10
New England Patriots 13

St. Louis Rams
Atlanta Falcons

Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills

Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears

Washington Redskins
Green Bay Packers

Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans

Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts

Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs

San Diego Chargers
Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit Lions
Arizona Cardinals

New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Denver Broncos
New York Giants

Jacksonville Jaguars
Oakland Raiders

San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers
Cincinnati Bengals

Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ week 1 picks.

Pick Em’ Results (week 1): 13-3
Pick Em’ Results (Season): 13-3

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