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February 16, 2014 offbeat

Some Guy Decides To Go Snowboarding Through The Streets Of New York City [Video]

Man Snowboarding New York City

A couple of days ago we saw a photo of this man snowboarding through the streets of New York City and thought the guy must be crazy. After watching the video of the man now identified as Casey Neistat make his way through snow-covered streets hanging on the back of a jeep, we thought why not.

In 2011, Casey made headlines by filming himself riding a bicycle and crashing into various obstacles blocking the bike lanes in New York City. After receiving a bicycle summons by one of New York City’s finest for not riding in the bike lane, he decided to make a film proving that the bike lane wasn’t always the safest.

VIDEO: Snowboarding New York City

[jwplayer mediaid=”20894″]

We aren’t sure if Casey was trying to prove a point with his snowboarding stunt, but what he did do was pure awesomeness. Taking to the nasty, snowy and unplowed streets of New York City to snowboard was genius. As one commenter wrote, there is a distinct possibility that Casey Neistat is the coolest person alive.

VIDEO: bike lanes by Casey Neistat

[jwplayer mediaid=”20891″]

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