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April 23, 2014 Guy Stuff

Perfect Bacon, Ice Cream Dildos, Platonic Friendships With Girls, Fictional Sports Teams, Celebrity Tattoos And More Guy Stuff

Fictional Sports Team Guy Stuff Unplugged

Perfect bacon, ice cream dildos, waterslide bloopers, Katherine Webb, platonic friendships with girls, fictional sports teams, celebrity tattoos and more guy stuff unplugged from around the web.

Genuinely Useful Things YouTube Has Taught Us – Complex

17 Reasons Why Waterslide Bloopers Are Definitely Better In GIF Form – The Roosevelts

Sneak Peek: Can Guys & Girls Be Platonic Friends? – Guy Code

25 Best Fictional Teams Ever – Bleacher Report

Hilarious Movie Posters Replace Critics Praise With Actual Amazon Reviews – GuysGab

Six Craziest Abuses of Sports Rules – Gunaxin

20 celebrities with tattoos so awful you won’t believe they’re real – Guyism

The Day the Sizzurp Died Main Ingredient Yanked – TMZ

The Surprising, Easy Trick To Making Perfect Bacon – Huffington Post

NBC News Anchor Raps Snoop Dogg’s “Gin And Juice” – Baller Status

Ice Cream Dildo? This New Popsicle Explodes In Your Mouth – Your Tango


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