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May 18, 2014 offbeat

Spider Photobombs, Death Reels of Famous Actors, “Star Trek” Mansions, Star Wars Treatment, And More Guy Stuff Unplugged

Spider Photobombs Selfie

Controversial movies, spider photobombs, pop hits, death reels of famous actors, “Star Trek” mansions, Star Wars treatment, and more guy stuff unplugged from around the web.

$35 Million “Star Trek” Mansion Hits The Market – Baller Status

10 Things Chicks Should Never Wear in Public – BroBible

Famous Brands Get the Star Wars Treatment – Bro My God

Hilary Duff Pays Parking Meter While Wearing Tight Jeans – Moe Jackson

25 Ways To Tell You’re Grown Up – The Roosevelts

9 of the most controversial movies ever – Guyism

This Guy Is Selling His Life For $100 Million – GuysGab

The 10 Best Death Reels of Famous Actors – Mandatory

17 Pop Hits That Were Offered to Someone Else First – Pop Sugar

The Top 116 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped Viral – Cracked

PHOTOS: Spider Photobombs Girls’ Selfie Session; They Freak Out – Heavy


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