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Smell Bacon Love

Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?

Barney Gumble Simpson Cartoon

May 28, 2014 offbeat

TV Alcoholics, Girls With Boyfriends, E.T., Marc Anthony, Hilariously Random Photos, and More Guy Stuff Unplugged

Barney Gumble Simpson Cartoon

TV alcoholics, girls with boyfriends, E.T., Marc Anthony, hilariously random photos, and more guy stuff unplugged from around the web.

Marc Anthony Has Earned His Confidence – Men’s Fitness

Can You Hook Up With Girls With Boyfriends? Sneak Peek Video – Guy Code

50 hilariously random photos – Guyism

The Five Guys Burger Empire: How They Did It – The Roosevelts

Rick Baker’s Original E.T. Designs Are Here To Devour Your Childhood – Uproxx

Sports captured at just the right moment (40 Photos) – The Chive

Today’s Top 3 Supermodel Instagrams – Moe Jackson

13 Music Festivals You Should Actually Attend This Summer – Huffington Post

Flowchart: Is Your Instagram Selfie Going to Get Any Likes? – Mandatory

The Most Lovable TV Alcoholics – Ranker


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