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Sponsored Post: Roger Federer and Lindsay Vonn Lindt #ChocolateHeaven...

July 11, 2014 sponsored post

Sponsored Post: An Invitation to #ChocolateHeaven

Chocolate Heaven Lindt Roger Federer

Who wants to go to chocolate heaven? Late last year, tennis champ Roger Federer asked for an athlete to compete against him in any other sport; ski legend Lindsey Vonn answered that she would ski with him if he plays tennis with her. His response may surprise you, but luckily for Vonn it includes something to do with the delicious taste of Lindt chocolate.

Check out Roger Federer challenging Lindsey Vonn for an event in #ChocolateHeaven from his hotel room in Switzerland, the home of Lindt chocolate.

Federer invites Vonn to a “challenge,” but what will the challenge be? Both men and women crave chocolate, but it is said that a woman’s love for chocolate can be compared to being in an intimate relationship. Do you think Federer has a chance? Do you think Vonn is up for the challenge? Make sure to check back soon to find out. In the meantime, visit Lindt’s official Facebook page or follow the Swiss chocolate and confectionery company on Twitter at @Lindt. Don’t forget to check out the hashtag #ChocolateHeaven.

I’m pretty much a chocolate guy. I’m up for any type of chocolate. Any chocolate.”~ Denis Leary

How it all started on Twitter:

It appears that both Federer and Vonn have something to prove; however, we the delightful taste of chocolate is involved this may come down to a battle of the sexes. Stay tuned.


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