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Infographic Guns

February 26, 2015 offbeat

Everything You Need To Know About Carrying A Concealed Weapon [Infographic]

Infographic Guns

There is an infographic for that! Yes, there is an infographic for just about everything including statistics on gun owners and their demographics. If you are a frequent visitor to Mankind you know that we love infographics. Although we do not condone violence, we did find the “Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Weapon” Infographic to be very informative.

According to a study conducted by the Crime Prevention Research Center in July 2014, 11.1 million Americans have permits to carry concealed weapons. Florida has the highest number of active carry concealed weapons permits with nearly 1 million people. In California people are allowed to carry concealed weapons without a license if they believe they are in grave danger, with a restraining order that’s been issued for their defense. The state doesn’t require a permit to own a gun; however it does require a carry concealed weapons permit. Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming don’t require a permit to carry a loaded weapon in public.

Who carries a gun? The statistics may or may not surprise you. Research conducted in 2010 revealed 42% of individuals who carry a gun or high school graduates while 37% are college graduates. 45 percent of people who carry guns are between the ages of 50 to 64. 49 percent are Republicans and 50 percent of them are from the South. Surprisingly, 27 percent of the pistol toting community are females. What’s not so surprising is why people carry guns. According to a 2013 Gallup survey 60% state their reason for carrying a gun is for personal safety and protection.

For more mind blowing statics on carrying a concealed weapon check out the inforgraphic below.

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Choosing The Right Concealed Carry Weapon Infographic


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