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Date Ideas Fall For You

April 21, 2017 advice

Date Ideas to Get Her to Fall For You, For Real

Date Ideas Fall For You

Every girl is different, wants different things out of a relationship, and may want to be wooed differently than the “norm,” but most girls will agree that dating is a must. If you really, truly, wholeheartedly like a girl and want her to fall for you, put some effort into date night.

Dating may seem archaic, weird, and even uncomfortable. Maybe you’ve sucked at thinking of good dates in the past. Stop making excuses, step up and check out some of these ideas to get you started:

Ask Her What She Likes to Do

While it’s important to show her the guy you really are, never forget to ask her what she likes to do. When she tells you about some of her favorite things, pay attention and make mental notes (or write them done if you need to).

Plan a date that involves all of her favorite things from a chocolate cupcake to the owl exhibit at the zoo. Not only is it thoughtful, but it shows that you are a good listener.

Don’t Try to Impress Her With Money

Unless you are truly a big spender and accustomed to pulling out all the stops on a date, don’t try to impress a girl with money. If you do, you might give her the wrong impression. It’s also never a good idea to present yourself as someone who is rolling in the dough when you’re not.

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Pay for things within your means; no date should put you in debt. If she’s the right girl for you, she’ll fall for you if you’re Mr. Moneybags or not. If you’re working hard to make ends meet, get creative with your dates; don’t talk about how broke you are or say that you can’t date because of your financial issues. Instead, find free and fun events.

Do Some of Your Favorite Things

Remember all the times your mom told you to, “Just be yourself”? This advice is just as important in the dating world. Be yourself, and you’re more likely to impress. When planning a date, and yes, you should come up with some date ideas, consider introducing her to things you enjoy.

Be careful not to make the date all about you, though. Do you enjoy hiking? Check out a trail that has a scenic overlook perfect for a picnic. Do you like to do a little online casino gambling in your spare time? Love to spend your time driving around on a Sunday? Pick a cool and interesting route with lots of creative stops along the way.

Take Some Cues From Movie Classics

Okay, so the boombox thing from Say Anything has been done a lot. It’s cool, but it may not impress as much as you would like. You could always re-enact the end scene from Sixteen Candles (especially convenient if it’s her birthday coming up) or get some all-nighter ideas from Before Sunrise.

It’s obviously a smart idea to know what some of her favorite movies are before you try to re-enact a romantic gesture. If she doesn’t get the reference, it may be lost in translation. Another good movie (Lost in Translation) to borrow ideas: Bill Murray singing karaoke to Scarlett Johansson.


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