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April 1, 2010 Guy Stuff

The Secret Behind Nike Air

HypeBeast.com has the new Nike commercial posted which features a few different Nike-sponsored athletes with David Koechner making a cameo as their spokesperson. After leaving a comment on the video, why not post it on Mankind Unplugged just to get some feedback on what others think.

My thoughts are simple. I think Nike has a great concept, but the commercial would have been much better with a different group of athletes plus a few more former notable athletes from other sports like David Robinson (Basketball), Cal Ripken, Jr. (Baseball), Barry Sanders (Football), Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Track) or even Bo Jackson (Football). Carl Lewis was definitely a good addition, but how can you think of “AIR” and not think of some of the Nikes produced for Usain Bolt or even Michael Johnson? Sanya Richards would have been a nice addition as well. When you think of Nike one can’t help but reminisce about Jordan, Vince Carter, Bo Jackson, David Robinson, Lebron, Kobe, Ken Griffey Jr., and Deion Sanders.


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