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September 7, 2010 Guy Stuff

Man’s Guide To Women Approved Design!


Interior design is something that women of a certain caliber pay attention to. The sloppy-drunk chick that comes over late night for a 30 minute hook-up won’t care about your décor. However, let’s say you’re at a place in life where you score a classy woman and want to show her you’re on her level. Your apartment and taste level say a lot!

Is it time to let go of your old college futon that’s “great for when guests come over,” but not so great otherwise?

Here are 3 places at different price points, that you can go to and pretty much step up your bachelor pad game, without a lot of guess work. These places can hook you up with an entirely design spaced.

CB2 $$

Crate and Barrell’s modern and younger brother, CB2 has great mid priced stuff. The aesthetic is modern without being mod, clean lines, great materials and a good mix of colors. When you walk into the store, you’ll see fully designed rooms, that you can either use as inspiration for your place or just outright buy the entire look as is! Easy…

West Elm $$$

This place is another where you can walk in, see a living room already designed in the space and completely bite the style. Why? Their taste is the perfect mix of masculine colors, soft fabrics that chicks will dig and easy style.  Things aren’t so over-styled, that a girl will think you’re gay.

Design Within Reach $$$$

This place is pricey, but for a reason and if you’re making good coins, than invest in proper furniture. DWR has classic mid-century modern style pieces: think tailored sofas, wow-factor floor lamps, and yes, even leather collections that will update and refine your old dark leather club chairs.



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