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September 24, 2010 Guy Stuff

Your Shoes: What Turns Her On & What Turns Her Off?


We’re real girls here, looking to give you the scoop-a-doop on what girls think. And in our opinion, there’s nothing like an unscientific, random poll of chicks on the street to give you a good idea for what women really think about your shoes.  We went out and randomly stopped good looking women, to ask them what they thought about your shoe game. Next time we’ll have pics to accompany comments! Here’s what they said:

When It Comes To Men’s Shoes What Turns You On Or Off?

“I love when a guy wears jeans, a black t-shirt and classic black and white Converse, I die for that!”

Dory A., 21 Retail Associate

“I like guys that wear sneakers, especially when they’re crispy clean. A beat up sneaker that looks like it’s been worn for 5 years… is not hot. “

– Ali, 21 Student

“My turn off is men who wear flip-flops with jeans or pants. With shorts it’s OK, but with pants it’s gross. It’s like seeing toes poke out from under a sheet. “

– Misha T., 30 Public Relations Professional

“As long as it coordinates with his outfit, as long as he’s comfortable, I’m all good.”

– Jennifer S, 22 Personal Trainer

“I absolutely hate those shoes that look like gorilla feet, the ones that are supposed to make you run better- but they form around each toe. Yeah, I don’t like those.”

-Michelle V., 27 Blogger

“I think gym shoes are for the gym and shouldn’t be worn for the rest of the day. Like, when a guy wears his running shoes with his jeans, it makes him look like a dad.”

Gwyneth B., 32

“I think guys look best in something that’s in between a sneaker and a proper shoe, like Claes or Sperry’s. It’s casual but pulled together at the same time.”

-Denise H., 26 Retail Manager


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