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October 13, 2010 Guy Stuff

Don’t You Hate It When…


Okay, guys, we hear it all the time — we rant and rave, nag and bitch — and maybe sometimes that is true, but now we can ALL do it a little more publicly, without actually saying a word.

As posted by a blogger’s Tosh.O page, there’s a new place to vent without having face-to-face confrontation and where, if you do feel some guilt after going off on somebody, nobody really knows for sure who’s bitching or being bitched at, so no more need for guilt.

Welcome to, where garlic bread that smells like “butt” and roommates that don’t do their dishes are freely bashed, providing some comfort to the hater, but without anyone or anything really getting hurt in the process.

Even if you’re not a complainer and don’t really hate, it’s worth a look for some good laughs. Check out the “Best” category for some gems like this…

“…I am hatin’ on people who decide they are going to sniff snot for 45 minutes instead of getting up and blowing their nose…” Guys, I’m afraid to say this may land squarely with your side of the genders, but if you know a guilty girl, please, by all means, feel free to tell her this one to her face.

“I am calling out my girlfriend..for buying silk boxers. It is freaking 110 outside and I sweat…it’s like shrink wrap on my junk!” See, women may not necessarily think about these things, so thanks, we learned something important today.

“I’m hatin’ on wasps…I wish bees would pull out the weapons and whoop some wasp ass…”

And some of the “Worst” category…

“I’m calling out everyone who goes pee in hot tubs and swimming pools…” Personally, think that belongs with the “Best” and should be another live discussion because everybody needs to hear it.

“I’m calling out all the ladies who wear pants without the butt pockets. I don’t care how toned your ass is, it looks terrible.” Hmmm, I’m guessing a girl whose backside might not be in the best of shape wrote that one. What do you think, guys?

So, there you go! Men, women, feel free to hate, and bitch about it, but do it online where you can let loose without bothering the peace and serenity the rest of us are living in. I hate it when people are so sarcastic!

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