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Chanel Monsieur De Chanel Men's Watch

March 19, 2016 accessories

Chanel’s First For Men

You’ve seen it for decades — women fawning over Chanel. Well, guys, now it’s your opportunity to do the same with this handsome timepiece, the Monsieur de Chanel, Chanel’s first men’s watch. It’s created in their La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland plant, and features another milestone, their first in-house created movement, the Calibre 1.

Suggestion: Move quickly if you want one — even before reading on — as it’s reported there are only 300 watches to go around for 2016, and at the quick-sell price of approximately $35,000-$37,000 each, how can you go wrong?

Chanel Monsieur De Men's Watch

On with the details. It’s an absolutely beautiful watch, living up to Chanel’s luxuriant reputation. The Monsieur had some challenges for its designers, including a jumping hour and a retrograde minute, but they were five years in perfecting it and the result is truly impressive. If watches are your thing, you probably already know the name Romain Gauthier, another highly regarded independent Swiss watchmaker…well, Chanel has taken equity with Gauthier to further enhance their timepiece character and his expertise will be invaluable, no doubt.

VIDEO: Monsieur de CHANEL

The components are exciting. The “jumping hour” means the hour is displayed as a numeral. It reflects Chanel’s other important number, like No. 5, their iconic perfume. The movements are revealed through the transparent back cover, while the dial is minimalist with a silvered opaline dial. You can see the complexity of the “engines” through the transparent back side, while the clean design of the face is simple, sophisticated and smart.

Chanel is definitely more than a fashion icon. It’s a luxury brand for the ages. Men, the women may have gotten several decades jump on you, but now it’s your turn to consume a little Chanel for yourself and be a part of the timepiece trendsetters.


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