5 Things You Should Know About Kissing
By: // January 25, 2011

These 5 facts about kissing aren’t make out tips, you’ve probably already had enough of those. Instead, here are some useful facts about kissing that might make you think more about giving her, her much needed foreplay.

#1  Touchy, touchy!

sexy lips

There are about 100 times more nerve endings in your lips than there are on your fingertips. These nerve endings stimulate desire… that’s more nerve endings than genitals have.  So don’t scrimp on smooching your girl different ways to ramp up the sensitive factor.

#2 Let go of the “A Frame”


If you look at two people that are touching lips, but their hips are far apart- the shape their body makes is considered an A frame. But to boost your make out… close the frame. Press your hips together and feel the passion rise!

#3 Little Kisses?  Eh… Not So Much


Sweet little kisses might show you care, but passionate kisses actually cause a woman (and man’s) blood pressure to rise. Deep kissing also makes your heart beat faster.

#4 The Big O – And We Don’t Mean Oprah


It is possible for a woman to reach an orgasm through kissing.

#5 Kissing In A Timely Fashion


The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing.