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January 11, 2011 Advice

Top 5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend

5.  Her Sister is Hot

It doesn’t matter how you say it or what adjective you use, you should never let on that you think your girlfriend’s sister is hot. You should NOT say she’s pretty or cute or let on- in any way, that she’s remotely attractive. Even the most confident girls in the world don’t want to know you’re thinking about their sisters that way. Period.

4 . Your Real Opinion On Her Hair

When your girl has made an attempt to “upgrade” her look, say with a new hair color you don’t like, try your damnedest not to diss it. In fact, just pull her close to you and tell her she looks “SO different!” or  “Wow, it looks like I have a whole new girlfriend!”. After a week or 2 when she’s less sensitive about it, gently tell her how much you loved her original look, in a tactful and perfectly timed way. Good luck.

3. Her Friend is Cool

There is an unspoken rule with women, that if a guy says he thinks a “girl is cool”, that he’s interested in her. A lot of times the “cool” girl in the group is usually the one that’s down to “get down”, (if you know what I mean). She is also a lot of trouble. Trust us, your girlfriend doesn’t want to hear about how cool Sara is.

2. Broken Promises

Never tell your girlfriend that you’re going to do something and NOT do it. I know this is vague, but this rule pretty much goes for anything: household chores, new year’s resolutions, your new-found commitment to Krav Maga. When you announce to the ether that you’re going to do something, she’ll actually EXPECT you to do it !

1.Your Friends Are CA-RAY-ZY!

Your girlfriend knows how crazy and stupid your friends are, so there’s no need to go into detail about the mayhem and debauchery that goes down at your boy Allen’s place every weekend. It’s pretty clear, that although you think it’s funny, your lady most likely won’t and might even put the kibosh on hanging with ol’ Allen. If she isn’t that type to do that, at the very least she’ll hate Allen’s guts, and make it awkwardly tense any time the boys come around.


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